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CV. Gema Gupta Sekawan
CV. Gema Gupta Sekawan
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Name:Mr. Didi Juhendi [Marketing]
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Y!: didigupta Y!: didigupta
Google Talk:  prorec.ggs  prorec.ggs
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Didi Juhendi at Jakarta Timur
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Didi Juhendi at Jakarta Timur
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Didi Juhendi at Jakarta Timur
Address:Jl. Rahayu I, No.6
Jakarta Timur 13540, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Nov. 26, 2007
Last Updated:May. 03, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Excess Inventory category

Company Brief

Our company' s line business are oriented on advertising bellow the line.

we are specialists in advertised such as Neonbox, Billboard, Signboard, Logo& Huruf Timbul, Cuttingsticker, Pylon sign, Poll Sign, Totem, etc.
Not only that, we create your image to be nicely.

We have portfolio as second line our business which is Design Interior.

Because for us, identity is very important.

Major Products / Services
  • Neonbox, Billboard, Logo&Huruf Timbul, Pylon Sign, Poll Sign, Totem, Cutting Sticker, dll

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